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Flashy vs. Classy

Posted by in Shopping: Clothing & Apparel  ~  June 16, 2012 10:21:14 PM

In this time and age where fashion and fame are the names of the game and the “Mean Girls” seem to rule the world, is flashing now the standard rule of engagement to get somewhere? How much amount of bling-bling and screaming brand names should be showcased if so? There’s a business concept that to earn, you have to spend first. Some see posturing with branded clothes and the biggest stones they can find as their form of investment. Is it the right way forward?

By being a flashy, one screams “Look at me, I am rich!” to everyone they see. By showing their assets off, they are laying their cards down for potential investors and partners. The big question here is if this is the right strategy to take?

In the game of poker, it’s always best to keep your aces and wait for the right time to reveal it to get the best deal. Going all in too soon will either make ones opponent feel like there’s a bluff, or he’s being reeled in for a bad deal. Either ways, doubt on the other person is planted.

The same with flashing, when one shows too much too soon, it usually sends a signal that that’s about all they’ve got: that the brands and the stones are all that’s going for them, and they’re showing it all off now while they have it.

For potential partners, this may be deal breaker. A person of extravagant lifestyle would make one wonder how well his money will be managed, and if he will end up supporting the lifestyle more than getting his money’s worth in a deal.

A question will also be burning in his head on how deep and trustworthy the person behind all the jewelries and fancy cars are. If the person is attracted to wealth and material things, would that make him flee to greener pastures at the next opportunity and sell-out on agreements?

These trust issues are what arise with too much glimmer. Whether the deal is closed or not, these questions will linger and eat up the investors mind. For sure, whatever the agreements are, the deals are short-term and revocable.

Looking at the alternative route of being classy, one shows style and elegance. There’s a certain aura that exudes confidence, which adds credibility. A classy will have a strong yet discreet sign that says “I’m rich, I’m comfortable, I don’t really need you.” This self-sustaining demeanor is what attracts investors. While others like to gamble on latest trends, the bigger and long-term deals are reserved for those that offer stability and trust.

One big differentiating factor between a flashy and a classy is the level of discretion and mystery. While the flashy may argue that they’re truer and more sincere by showing their true colors, they might also be projecting hues that are too shady for comfort. A classy will show primary colors and only those that are relevant to the investor. The others are kept on the wraps as they ought to be managed internally.