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Five Great Gifts For Classic Horror Movie Fans

Posted by in Shopping: Gifts and Occasions  ~  April 24, 2012 05:13:20 PM

Classic horror movie fans are a bit of a dying breed. The horror movies of today usually bear no resemblance to the scary movies from the early days. Fans of these early horror movies are usually quite dedicated to the genre, and often collect more than just the movies themselves. Here are five great gift ideas for fans of old horror movies:

1. Movie Props

Old movie memorabilia is always a great gift where horror movie buffs are concerned. Something as simple as a candle holder or fake spider web from the original Dracula would be a great find for a fan of the movie. While the props are largely tough to come by, they do make wonderful gift ideas if you can locate one.

2. Old Movie Posters

Original movie posters are among the most coveted gifts to give a horror movie buff. Luckily, these are a bit easier to come by than the movie props. If you search eBay, you can usually find a great movie poster. If you are in a real pinch, and can not locate an original, then you certainly can find reprints for sale.

3. Movie Monster Figures

These figurines were highly popular during the seventies. They made a number of the classic Hollywood monsters such as the Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolfman. These figures are now worth a good deal of money. They made figures out of a number of different materials, and even offered models that the collector could build for himself. Any of these old movie monster figures would make a great gift.

4. Sound Bite Tapes

The old movie monsters are are famous for a number of things, but their sound bites are probably chief among them. Because of this, audio tapes were made of the famous sayings from each of the movies. These audio tapes are especially popular with horror buffs. If you can find one of these audio tapes, then you will be the best gift giver at the party for sure.

5. A Compilation Video

Fortunately, a number of the old movie monsters can be found on compilation tapes and DVDs. These DVDs make a wonderful gift for a movie monster fan. These movies themselves are the reason for the genre in the first place, so why not give them a copy of each of them? When you can buy them this easily and inexpensively, you might as well give them the best gift of all.

Horror movie buffs are great fun to buy for. The large amount of horror movie memorabilia makes finding a great gift rather easy. If you take your time and look around a bit, you are sure to find the perfect movie monster gifts for that special person.