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Bookmarks on the Go and Beyond

Posted by in Computers: Internet: Social Bookmarking  ~  March 16, 2012 05:58:02 PM

Bookmarks are an important tool in all computers. The ever increasing capacity of computers to hold information makes them all too important. Without bookmarks, remembering the specific location of a file or website can be a drag since you need more information than you can actually remember all at once.

In computer terms, bookmarks work just like “physical” bookmarks which remind you where you did end reading and should start. Computer bookmarks work the same except that it can mark not only one site but all the websites you need to access most of the times. You can even categorize your bookmarks. For example you can create a folder which concerns all the comic websites you like and another folder that will remember all the links that are work related. You never have to remember anther www dot anymore.

The problem comes when you are not using your own personal computer. If you’re traveling and using another computer, especially in the Internet cafe, don’t expect to have your bookmarks magically stored there.

Thankfully, Internet whiz kids have thought about it long before we posed the problem. There are various websites that specifically offer to place your bookmarks there. Yahoo toolbar can even serve as a mobile bookmark. Just sign in and store them in my web toolbar. When transferring to another PC, all you need to do is sign in to the toolbar and all the websites you stored and categorized are already there. Other online bookmarks also work in the same way except that some don’t really require you to have a toolbar with them. Just sign in and all your important websites you store will be there. The best thing is, all of these are free forever.

If you think this kind of bookmarking is all that you need, think again. Website companies have created the next step for Internet bookmarks. This kind of Internet bookmark is now popularly known as “social bookmarks.” Social bookmarks are a combination of blogging and bookmarking. In social bookmarking, not only can you mark your favorite websites, you can also talk about it. People can then see your preferred websites and maybe make some comments from time to time. In social bookmarking, you will have a blog like page and everything you like will be there.

These web tools, especially the latter one is taking the web by storm. Some people are cashing in since some of the website that offer these services are sharing the profits with bloggers. Squidoo and Digg are the websites known for this very reason. People simply visit the website and place their favorites.

It is important to remember that these online bookmarks don’t guarantee safety and privacy. Yes, you can place all your favorite websites concerning your dog, your favorite TV show, your favorite place to eat and all the other favorites you can think of. However, it’s not really a bright idea to place other sensitive websites since people can and will visit these sites.